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Kashmiri red chillis or Kashmiri lal mirch are characterized by their ability to give a dark red colour to food, capable of colouring and adding flavour, while at the same time not allowing the food to become too pungent or spicy. India is the largest consumer and producer.

Whole Kashmiri chili are relatively mild in heat and full-flavored. Their main characteristic is a vibrant red coloring. It is somewhat similar to paprika in this respect - it is used more for coloring than for heat, although it's slightly hotter than paprika.

The kashmiri chilli powder is a blend of medium quality red pepper mostly used for tandoori dishes. The roasted kashmiri chilli has a very pleasant aroma. It can redden anything that is capable of absorbing color like oil and surface of meat, etc. This chilli pepper is either used fresh, dried, wrinkled or grounded.

Some of its health benefits are as follows:
  • Aids in Weight Loss. Capsaicin in red chilli powder is known to increase fat burning and reduce appetite. 
  • Enhances Cognitive Function. Iron in red chilli powder can increase production of haemoglobin and increase blood flow.
  • Helps the Heart. 
  • Relieves Nasal Congestion.