Project Gemini 2022

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Action, horror, SciFi, Thriller


In the not-too-distant future, mankind has made huge advances in its explorations of the cosmos, establishing scientific stations on many planets. An international project known as Gemini has resulted in the development of a unique planet terraforming unit. But once the unit is launched, Earth loses connection with the carrier rocket transporting the unit outside the Solar System. The search leads to nowhere – the unit is lost.

Some time has passed, before one day a group of astrophysicists receive a mysterious signal from space. It seems to originate on a remote and as-yet uncharted planet. The signal creates dangerous irregularities in the Earth's environment. An expedition is made to the planet itself, in order to locate the source of the signal. A small group of people – the vanguard of humanity – sets off into the unknown. They must endure dramatic and even tragic events to save the Earth from this dire threat.[3]

Project Gemini is a 2022 Russian science fiction thriller film directed by Vyacheslav Lisnevsky about a space mission sent to terraform a distant planet. However, the mission encounters something unknown that has its own plan for the planet. Wikipedia
Release date: January 6, 2022 (Russia)
Box office: ₽5 million
Production company: KinoDanz (KD Studios)