Weekly cargo from Turkey to Uganda

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For those who love shopping from Turkey either for business or pleasure but have had bottlenecks with delays in Shipping, here is your big opportunity to improve your business through our weekly courier services from İstanbul to Entebbe.

You are only limited by your imagination.

we charge a mere $10 per Kg

Enjoy unlimited shopping of products from All over Turkey to uganda and deliver them to our İstanbul address 

  • Aksaray mahalesi küçük langa caddesi no 47 dair 3 Aksaray Fatih İstanbul
  • +905523395068
  • Küçük Langa Cd. No:47

If you are new to this business, check out the following sites.


Open an account with them, provide payment details e.g Visa and use our address as your delivery point and enjoy unlimited shopping in Turkey